Rose Day 2017 Nail Art!!

Hello friends!!

Happy Valentine’s week! To see the Valentine’s week schedule visit Creative Nails’ post.

Valentine’s week starts on 7th February with Rose day. here is Creative Nails Rose day nail art for you.

Rose Day 2017 Nail Art

Rose Day 2017 Nail Art

I have used the simplest technique that is drag marble technique to create these roses. Here is video tutorial link for the same.

Products used:

  1. Dance Legend Step – White
  2. Nail Trend – Red
  3. Nail Trend – Black
  4. NewU Party Popper
  5. HK Girl Top Coat
  6. BornPrettyStore Mat
  7. Dotting Tool
  8. Camel Acrylic color
  9. Painting Brush

Hope you liked these roses. 🙂

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New Year Party Nails!

Hello friends!

Are you ready to rock the new year party? Here is the Creative Nails’ New Year party nails for you.

Products used:

  1. Anna Andre Paris – white nail polish ( : If you are looking for a cheap and best nail polish then Anna Andre Paris is the best buy. It gives buttery finish.
  2. Newu glitteratti (Buy at :
  3. Acrylic colors
New Year Party Nails

New Year Party Nails

This girl is ready with her gorgeous Red dress and Kiwi juice!

Juice?!! Really??

Yes! Creative Nails’ believes that the New Year party is to forget the old miseries and set the new goals for the better future. But people have converted it as a “Alcohol consumption” day and drink beyond the limits. This day must be spent with family. Partying is not wrong but please do not drink and drive…. A wife/husband, kid, mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle and aunt will be waiting for you at home.

Be safe…. Let your family celebrate a HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂

Enjoy the celebration and keep visiting us in the New Year!


Shiny Hexagonal Glitter Placement Nail Art

Hello friends!

If you are a glitter polish fan then today’s tutorial is for you! Glitter polishes will spread out the glitters all over the nails in random fashion. But if you wish to place glitters in particular shape which matches  your dress design then you must try the loose hexagonal glitters shown in photo.

Hexagonal Glitters and Rhinestones

Hexagonal Glitters and Rhinestones

Creative Nails has made a video tutorial showing how to place glitters using toothpick! Here is the link.

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails!

Galaxy Nails Using Drag Marble Technique!

Hello friends,

Today Creative Nails will take you on a space-ride! Yes! Today’s theme is Galaxy Nails! We have used the simplest technique to get this amazing design.

Tools and polishes used:
1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Shrimply Devine
2. Newu Everyday Chemistry – Twilight
3. Newu Party Poppers – Electric Orange
4. Colorbar – Blue Thunder
5. Maybelline New York Color Show – Crystal Clear
6. True Coat – White
7. Fabrica Acrylic Color – White
8. Dotting Tool/Toothpick
9. Pallete to mix colors
10. Painting Brush
11. Colgate Tooth Brush
12. Water

Galaxy Nails Using Drag Marble Technique!

Galaxy Nails Using Drag Marble Technique!

Did you like it?
Here is the link for a video tutorial. Do subscribe!

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails!