Diwali Gift Box!!

Hello friends!

Gift your loved ones a beauty makeover this Diwali!

Creative Nails is introducing GIFT BOX loaded with goodies. Here is the list of goodies:

  1. El Corazon/Kaliedoscope Nail Polish – 1 piece (customization)
  2. Oriflame Lipstick – 1 piece (Customization)
  3. Nivea Lip Care – 1 piece
  4. Oriflame Nail Polish Remover – 1 piece
  5. Tealight Candles – 2 pieces
  6. Pretty Beauty Case – 1 piece
Diwali Gift Box

Diwali Gift Box

Lipstick: Among these 3 gorgeous shades you get to choose one for you.

Oriflame Lipstick

Oriflame Lipstick

Nail Polish: You get to choose 1 color from one of the 2 brands.


El Corazon Nail Polish

Kaleidoscope Nail Polish

Kaleidoscope Nail Polish


  • Gift box price INR 900/- inclusive of domestic shipping charges.
  • Limited Stock – First come first serve. Actual product colors may appear visually different from picture.
  • Free shipping all across India.
  • Only domestic shipping

Navratri 2016 Nail Art!!

Hello friends!

‘Navratri’ means the ‘nine nights’. ‘Nava’ means ‘nine’, and ‘ratri’ means ‘night’. Nights provide rest and rejuvenation. At night you turn inward (you sleep) and you feel refreshed and rested in the morning. In the same way, Navratri or the Nine Nights is that time (of the year) when you turn inward towards your source. It is the time of the year to spend with yourself, nurturing and rejuvenating yourself through prayers, chants, meditation, fasting, and other spiritual practices, and coming out feeling refreshed, renewed and creative.

Navratri is traditionally celebrated at the beginning of autumn every year, when everything in nature starts undergoing transformation. These nine nights are said to be precious as there are subtle energies in the creation that are enriched at this time of the year. These energies enhance and assist the experience of going inwards, making prayer, chanting and other spiritual practices more fruitful.

Source: http://www.artofliving.org/navratri/significance

Creative Nails wishes you a very Happy Navratri! Here is the nail art for the auspicious occasion.

Navratri Nail Art

Navratri Nail Art

How is it? If you like it do comment below🙂 Here is link to last year daandiya raas on nails  https://creativenails.in/2015/10/19/daandiya-raas-on-nails/

Navratri Nail Art!

Navratri Nail Art!

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails.🙂

Bean Therapy Dark Chocolate Wrapper Nail Art!!

Hello friends!

Chocolate!! Who doesn’t like them? From children to teens and adults to senior citizens everyone loves chocolates. For some it’s a dessert and for others to remember their love or to forget the heartbreak. Whatever the reason may be people will find some reason to buy them. Among the different varieties of chocolates my favorite is DARK CHOCHOLATE!

Here are some of the benefits of dark chocolates (make them as your excuse if needed ;-))

  1. It is rich in fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and few other minerals. Thus making it nutritious.
  2. It is powerful source of anti-oxidants.
  3. It is considered to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Studies have shown that when taken in moderation daily it helps to lose weight. ( Yippee!!)

Mouth-watering taste combined with health benefits, what more can one ask for?

For further information visit: https://authoritynutrition.com/7-health-benefits-dark-chocolate/

So here I am today sharing with you the nail art inspired by ‘BEAN THERAPY’ chocolates gifted by a friend. To those who don’t know about Bean Therapy chocolates here is some information.

At Bean Therapy you get to taste Mumbai based chef and chocolatier Sanjoy Solomon’s chocolate offerings. These hand-made chocolate bars are combined with the local ingredients from different parts of India. Adrak Chiraunji, Black pepper and mango, Ellaichi Saunf, Guntur Chilly, Himalayan Rock Salt etc. are a few varieties. Belgian chocolate infused with all these tongue tingling and exotic flavours when savoured gives a heavenly feeling. A combination of flavors which probably you have never experienced before.

Belgian Dark Chocolate - Tutti Frutti

Belgian Dark Chocolate : Tutti – Frutti

What else, do you ask? Each chocolate is packed in a unique, classy and rich looking wrapper which makes it even better for gifting. To be honest with you guys it’s the packaging that the chocolates come with that inspired me to create today’s nail art.

Bean Therapy

Bean Therapy

Here is the Tutti-Frutti flavour inspired nail art. The vibrant colors that appear on the wrapper when transferred on to the nails, creates a fusion that makes the on-looker ogle at those gorgeous nails.

Bean Therapy Chocolate wrapper Nail Art

Bean Therapy Chocolate wrapper Nail Art

The flavors and the wrapper of the chocolate appeared so good at Bean Therapy website that I had to buy few more varieties from them.

Services provided by Bean Therapy is commendable. The chocolates were shipped immediately the next day I ordered and I received them in 3-4 days.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and order some for you and your family. I bet you won’t regret it.

Link: http://www.beantherapy.in/

Don’t forget to share your experience of Bean Therapy with us.

Bean Therapy Chocolate Wrapper Nail Art

Bean Therapy Chocolate Wrapper Nail Art

Enjoy Nail Art with Creative Nails!

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Free hand Op Art On Nails!!

Hello friends!

Recently I met my best buddy Deeps and she was showing me the pics of her new hobby – Op art combined with doodles.

Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. And doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be composed of random and abstract lines, generally without ever lifting the drawing device off of the paper.




Though my friend is a beginner I loved her art. She suggested me to try them on nails. Though there are stamping plates with optical illusion and doodles she wanted me to do a free hand nail art. Here is my first free hand Op Art  on nails!🙂

Free Hand Op Art On Nails

Free Hand Op Art On Nails

I know I couldn’t create perfect illusion effect but felt that as a first attempt its not that bad! So shared my Op art with you all. Hope you will like it. Next time I will try to trouble your eyes a bit!!😉 Do comment about this nail art.🙂

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails!!

Ganesh Chaturti 2016 Nail Art!

“Suklaambara Dharam Vishnum, Sashi Varnam Chatur Bhujam Prasanna Vadhanam Dhyaayet, Sarva Vighna Upashaanthaye”

Meaning: We meditate on Lord Ganesha – who is clad in white (representing purity), who is all pervading (present everywhere), whose complexion is gray like that of ash (glowing with spiritual splendor), who has four arms, who has bright countenance (depicting inner calm and happiness) and who can destroy all obstacles (in our spiritual and worldly path).

Source: http://www.saidarshan.org/baba/docs/slganesh.html

Dear friends,

Let us welcome curved trunk and a mighty body lord Ganesha with lots of love and devotion.

Welcome Ganesha

Welcome Ganesha

Light up Diyas and pray to the giver of many boons, the single tusked Ganesh remove the obstacles from all the actions we intend to perform.

Diya for Ganesh Puja

Diya For Ganesh Puja

Here is complete nail art for Ganesh Chaturthi 2016!

Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 Nail Art!

Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 Nail Art!

Hope you liked Creative Nails’ art for Ganesh Chaturthi 2016.

This occasion is incomplete without this popular and my favorite song from movie Agneepath – Deva Shree Ganesha.

Deva Shree Ganesha..(x16)

Jwaala si chalti hai aankhon mein jiske bhi
Dil mein tera naam hai
Parwaah hi kya uska aarambh kaisa hai aur kaisa parinaam hai
Dharti ambar sitaare hai
Usski nazaare utaarein
Darr bhi uss se dara re
Jiski rakhwaliya re karta saaya tera

Deva Shree Ganesha..(x8)

Teri bhakti ka vardaan hai
Jo kamaaye woh dhanwaan hai
Bin kinare ki kashti hai woh
Deva, Tujhse jo anjaan hai
Yun tto mooshak sawari teri
Sab pe hai pehredaari teri
Paap ki aandhiyaan na kaha
Kabhi jyoti na haari teri
Apni taqdeer ka woh, khud sikander huaa re
Bhool ke yeh jahaan re, kiski silien ya haare
Saath paaya tera hey

Deva Shree Ganesha..(x4)

Ho teri dhuli ka teeka kiye
Deva jo bhakt tera jiye
Usey amrit ka hai moh hai kya
Hass ke vish ka woh pyaala piye
Teri mahima ki chhaaya tale
Kaal ke rath ka pahiyaa chale
Ek chingaari pratishodh se
Khadi ravaan ki lanka jale

Shatruo’n ki qataarein ik akele se haare
Kann bhi parvat huaa re
Shlok bann ke jahaan re naam aaya tera hey!

Deva shree ganesha..(x8)

Ganpati Bappa Moreya

Twameva Mata cha Pita twameva
Twameva Bandhu Sakha twameva
Twameva Vidya Dravinam twameva
Twameva Sarvam mum Dev Deva

Achutam Keshavam Rama Narayanam
Krishna Damodaram Vasudevam Harim
Sridharam Madhavum Gopika Vallabham
Janki naayakam Ramachandram bhaje

Source: http://www.ganeshchaturthi2015sms.in/2015/08/ganesha-chaturthi-2015-best-songs.html

Download this music from http://songspksongspk.cc/agneepath-2012-songs

Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 Nail Art!

Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 Nail Art!

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi !!

Ganapati Bappa Moraya, Mangalmurti Morya !!

Sri Krishna Janmastami Nail Art -2016!

Hello friends!

Happy Sri Krishna Janmastami!

Creative Nails is all set to celebrate Janmastami with Kishan Kanhaiyya’s favorite Makhan (butter)! Here is the manicure for the occasion.

Sri Krishna Janmastami Nail Art

Sri Krishna Janmastami Nail Art

In this nail art I tried to portray the Yashoda mayya’s son makhan chor Kanha’s favourite mor punkh (peacock feather), bansuri (flute), swing and specially the love for makhan kept in pot.😉 Hope the nail art succeeded in conveying these to you.🙂

Bansuri - Mor Punkh - SWing - Makhan

Bansuri – Mor Punkh – SWing – Makhan

Did you like the design?

Janmastami Nail Art

Janmastami Nail Art

Enjoy Nail Art with Creative Nails!!🙂

Floral Print Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Yesterday night just before bed time my bare nails asked me to color them! Since I was sleepy din’t wanted to spend much time in doing my nails. So started with drag marbling technique. But somehow I messed it up. :-(:-( Had no patience to remove everything and start all over again. So just went on doing patch work with acrylic paint and the end result you could see here!

Floral Print Nail Art

Floral Print Nail Art!

Truly speaking I liked it!!😀 Did you like this floral print? If so let me know it in comments!!

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails!!

Mermaid / Fishtail Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Are you a mermaid fan? If so you would love this post🙂

Walt Disney’s “The little Mermaid” is one among my favorite animated series😉 From long time was planning to get mermaid on my nails and finally did it!😉.

I did make use of fishtail vinyl bought from Angel Nail Studio for the tail of mermaid. And did the free hand sketch of mermaid face. Hope you will love it🙂

Mermaid / Fishtail Vinyl Nails

Mermaid / Fishtail Vinyl Nails

This is only fishtail nail art using the vinyl. I did modifications with freehand sketch to complete the mermaid look.

Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art

Did you like it? Creative Nails is waiting for your comments🙂