About Us

Hey Pretty Ladies!!!

Got bored of plain colored nails? Wanna design your nails with rainbows or zebra stripes? Or how about having some glitters or tiny beads on them!! Sounds cool right? What??? You think only a specialist in nail art could do that? Nahh… I say…take up your favorite colors and start playing with little patience and you can surely create wonders on your nails…!!

My journey towards “Creative Nails” started with an inspiration from my mom. Even I was bored of plain colored nails. I wanted to try something new and interesting. I once saw my mom applying nail polish with a base color and tiny dots on it. That simple design not only inspired me but also triggered my creative sense and I started playing with different shades of nail polishes. I became so crazy about it and started creating simple, elegant as well as mad arts on my nails!!

Today, this passion of nail art has made me create my own blog. I will share these creative cum mad designs with you all through “Creative Nails”. My step by step tutorials will help you to enjoy nail art at home.

Feel free to pen down your thoughts and send them to “hello@creativenails.in“. It will be great to connect with you guys.

Hope my designs will trigger your creativity too…!!

Enjoy nail art with “Creative Nails” !!


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