Drag Marble Nail Love!

Hello lovelies!

From couple of days am going gaga over the drag marble nail art. Many friends wanted me to do a video tutorial on it. Finally managed some time to do a quick tutorial.

The tutorial includes the following nail designs:

Fancy Spider Web Drag Marble Nail Art!

Fancy Spider Web Drag Marble Nail Art!

Spiral Fire Nail Art!

Spiral Fire Drag Marble Nail Art!

Rose Garden Drag Marble Nail Art

Rose Garden Drag Marble Nail Art!

Neon Floral Drag Marble Nail Art

Neon Floral Drag Marble Nail Art!

Rusty Drag Marble Nail Art!

Rusty Drag Marble Nail Art!

Neon Candy Drag Marble Nails!

Neon Candy Drag Marble Nail Art!

Aren’t they gorgeous! 😍

Here is the link to the video tutorial.

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Glow In The Dark – Neon Glow Nail Polish!!

Hello friends!

Creative Nails is excited to share today’s post. When I was browsing online, this interesting nail polish caught my attention and without wasting any more time, I bought it from Born Pretty Store. And here I am with this special polish to amaze you all!!

When you were a kid, you might have seen neon glow stickers which glow in the dark. Now you can have the same glow on your nails using this amazing “Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish”!!

Neon Glow Polish

Neon Glow Polish

Instructions to use:

Step 1: Apply a base coat of clear polish (colourless nail polish)

Step 2: Apply fluorescent neon luminous nail polish. Let it dry.

Step 3: Apply two more coats of the same nail polish.

Step 4: Apply clear polish as the topcoat.

Step 5: Expose your nails to sunlight or any other light source.

And you are ready to illuminate the party!!

I tried sticking some mylars on as an experiment and to my surprise it looked great!

Glow In Dark

Glow In Dark

Hope you liked it too! Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails!!