Winter Snow Man Nail Art!

A snowman is a snow sculpture often built by children in regions with abundant snowfall. I always wanted to create my own snow man but unfortunately it does not snow in my place. So I sculpted it on my nails!! You people can also try it. Just have a big belly and a round face. Draw two eyes and a carrot shaped orange nose. You can then use a hat or a scarf to dress your snow man!

snowman winter US snow christmas

Winter Snow Man

Enjoy the winter with your very own snow man!!


Christmas Tree Nail Art

Friends its December!!
The month of celebration!!
I guess you all have already started the preparations. Creative nails is also very much excited to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus Christ. Its the first Christmas of Creative Nails. We need lot of things for decoration right? Today I have bought a Christmas Tree. Have a look at it.
Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Let me know what else I need for decorations 🙂