Floral Print Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Yesterday night just before bed time my bare nails asked me to color them! Since I was sleepy din’t wanted to spend much time in doing my nails. So started with drag marbling technique. But somehow I messed it up. :-(:-( Had no patience to remove everything and start all over again. So just went on doing patch work with acrylic paint and the end result you could see here!

Floral Print Nail Art

Floral Print Nail Art!

Truly speaking I liked it!! 😀 Did you like this floral print? If so let me know it in comments!!

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails!!


Black And White Flowers On Nails!

Hello friends!

It’s a floral mani this time! The word floral brings a burst of colorful memories in our minds. I however couldn’t resist myself trying out a black and white floral design which I came across online. The design was very challenging as it required me to draw a lot of thin and tiny lines. I thoroughly enjoyed creating it!

The items used to create this nail art is as follows:

  1. Lakme true wear – classics 012 clear glass for base coat
  2. Lakme color crush 08 – white color for flower
  3. Fevicryl Acrylic color
  4. Nirus nail art brush
Black And White Flowers On Nails

Black And White Flowers On Nails

Watch the video tutorial on YouTube:

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails!


Valentine Week – Kiss Day 2016!!

Hello friends!

After hug day let’s celebrate the kiss day! Know the benefits of kissing before you kiss your partner.

  1. Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Kissing helps to dilate your blood vessels, which may help lower your blood pressure.

  1. Relieve Cramps and Headaches

The blood-vessel-dilation effect described above also helps to relieve pain, particularly from headache or menstrual cramps.

  1. Fight Cavities

When you kiss, saliva production increases in your mouth, and this helps to wash away plaque on your teeth that may lead to cavities. That said, cavity-causing bacteria can also be transmitted via a kiss, especially if the person you’re kissing has poor oral habits. It’s even been shown that cavity-causing bacteria can spread from a mother’s kiss to her baby.

  1. Release Your Happy Hormones

Kissing prompts your brain to release a happy elixir of feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. This isn’t only important for your happiness, it also may also help to strengthen your relationship.

Interestingly, kissing activates the same areas in your brain linked to reward and addiction.  According to the researchers who revealed this finding:

“Kissing may have evolved as a way to stimulate brain systems associated with sex drive, romantic love, and attachment so that humans are triggered to seek a variety of potential mates, then focus attention on one for mating, and finally be able to tolerate that mate long enough to raise a child as a team.”

Your lips are also densely packed with sensory neurons, which are stimulated by the touch of another’s lips. This prompts the release of sebum, which is thought to play a role in bonding.

  1. Burn Calories

It’s not going to replace your workout session. But a vigorous kiss may burn 8-16 calories. Not too shabby for a kiss.

  1. Boost Your Self-Esteem

One study found that men who received a passionate kiss before they left for work earned more money. This suggests the kiss (and perhaps the happy home-life it suggests) makes people happier, boosts self-esteem and, ultimately, more productive at work.

  1. Tone Your Facial Muscles

A vigorous kiss helps you shape up your neck and jaw line by working out a number of facial muscles.

  1. Check Out Your Partner’s Compatibility

A kiss can be a powerful measure of your initial attraction to a person, so much so that the majority of men and women surveyed reporting that a first kiss could be a turn-off. Women, in particular, place more importance on kissing as a “mate assessment device” and as a means of “initiating, maintaining, and monitoring the current status of their relationship with a long-term partner.”

Here is Creative Nails’ kiss day nails.

Valentine Week - Kiss Day 2016

Valentine Week – Kiss Day 2016

For Valentine week calendar visit: https://creativenails.in/2016/02/01/valentine-week-rose-day-2016/

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails! 🙂

Welcome Back Maggi Nail Art!

Dil Khush Khush Khusham

Dil Khush Khush Khusham

Fir Smile Ko Salaam Agayi

Maggi Maggi Maggi!!

Hello Friends!

After facing safety issues, Maggi! is back in India and Creative Nails wishes to celebrate it with all you Maggi lovers. Dada Dadi Mamma Papa Bhayya Bhabhi and the whole family is invited. Arey ha invite your neighbours too. 😉

Welcome Back Maggi Nail Art

Welcome Back Maggi Nail Art

Creative Nails has prepared masala Maggi for you. Let’s enjoy this delicious hot noodle without wasting much time. 🙂

Nestle Maggi

Nestle Maggi

Did you like it? 🙂

Convocation Nail Art!

Hello Friends!

Creative Nails is celebrating almost all festivals and important dates. But we forgot one special event – CONVOCATION DAY! Yes…this is the most awaited day for all the students. Today’s nail art is dedicated to all those students who are going to be graduates this year.

Convocation Nail Art

Convocation Nail Art


Tiger Print Nails!

Hello friends

After fishes and caterpillars, now it’s the turn of the Tiger. The tiger is the largest of the cat species, reaching a total body length of up to 3.38 m (11.1 ft) over curves and weighing up to 388.7 kg (857 lb) in the wild!! Isn’t it quite dangerous to get such a huge and wild animal on nails? So this time Creative Nails has bought only prints resembling the tiger. With this nail art, Creative Nails wants to leave a message to all those people who buy items made from animal body parts – “Please save these wild animals from extinction; else, in future, we may get to see them only in art galleries and museums”

Tiger Print Nail Design

Tiger Print Nail Design

White-Red-Black – The Ultimate Color Combination Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Most of you liked my nail art with powerful colors (https://creativenails.in/2015/02/26/powerful-colors-nail-art/) and I got to know that many liked the red color. So today, Creative Nails tried to play around with some black beads on a red nail polish. Lemme know if you like it!

White-Red-Black – The Ultimate Color Combination

White-Red-Black – The Ultimate Color Combination

Powerful Colors Nail Art!

Hey friends!

Do you know that the combination of Red, Black and White is known as the Powerful Color Scheme! I wondered why it is so and as expected Google had the answer. Red is traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, happiness and joy in the Asian Culture. Hence it is often selected for festive occasions like wedding ceremonies and also during the New Year’s holiday.

Since red is representative of vigor and fire, decorating your home in Red is equally powerful for drawing positive energy. Black and White provide the complementary balance and unity of dark – light in a living space.

Creative Nails has this time decorated nails with red, black and white! It is looking awesome isn’t it?

Powerful Colors Nail Art

Powerful Colors Nail Art