Birthday Nail Art with Swat Kats Theme

Hello friends!

Today’s post is dedicated to one of  my best buddy who celebrated his birthday this month. Was planning to buy some special gift for him. But question is what is buy! Wallet, shirt, watch… nah… these are not special. And those gift items at the shop are useless. Every year I get to see same show pieces, clocks, vases etc. :-(.

Birthday was nearing but my gift wasn’t ready! Finally on the day of his birthday while editing a video for my YouTube channel I got any idea! He is the one who supported me to start blog and appreciates my work so I knew my idea would work.;-) Immediately I started painting my nails with his favorite childhood cartoon character – Razor from Swat Kats!!

Along with nail art I added few memories from album and made a short video for my friend. 🙂 And he liked it! Phewww!! Am so happy!

Video I cannot share with you guys 😉 so posting only nail art. Here you go.

Birthday Nail art with Swat Kats theme

Birthday Nail art with Swat Kats theme

I had prepared a nice chocolate cake on nails but when I applied top coat the cake color changed a bit. :-(:-( Still its not looking bad isn’t it? Hope you guys too liked it. Creative Nails is waiting for your comments.

An overview of Swat Kats series:

Chance “T-Bone” Furlong and Jake “Razor” Clawson were members of Megakat City’s paramilitary law enforcement agency, known as the Enforcers. They were discharged from the Enforcers after disobeying the orders of Commander Feral, which resulted in the destruction of the newly built Enforcer Headquarters. While in pursuit of Dark Kat, one of the main arch-villains of the series, the two rebelled against Enforcer Commander Feral’s orders to fall back and leave Dark Kat to him. When they objected, citing their already-acquired target lock, Commander Feral crowded out their jet, clipping their wing and sending Chance and Jake’s jet crashing into Enforcer headquarters. The resultant explosion distracted Commander Feral, allowing Dark Kat’s escape. The Commander took no responsibility for the incident, and discharged Chance and Jake from the Enforcers and reassigned them to work at the city’s military salvage yard to pay for the damage to the Enforcer Headquarters.

Using discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard, Chance and Jake built themselves a three-engine jet fighter called the Turbokat, which resembled several different jet fighters, most notably the Grumman F-14 and the Saab Draken, along with a handful of other vehicles such as the Cyclotron (a motorcycle built into the jet’s seating, deployed from the bomb bay of the Turbokat like a missile), the TurboMole (a subterranean vehicle used to drill underground), the HoverKat (a militarized hovercraft), and the Thunder Truck (a militarized Jeep modified from their tow truck). All these vehicles were stored, along with a training area and other equipment, in a secret hangar below the yard. T-Bone and Razor now patrol Megakat City as the SWAT Kats, defending it against any kind of menace that threatens the city. Their enemies include the criminal mastermind Dark Kat, the undead sorcerer Pastmaster, the mutant evil genius Doctor Viper, and the robotic gangsters the Metallikats. The SWAT Kats also face many villains-of-the-week, such as Madkat and Volcanus.

The SWAT Kats keep their identities secret from everyone, including their closest ally Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, who assumes the responsibilities of both her post and of her boss, Mayor Manx, who mainly neglects his political duties in favor of past times like golf. Their methods do not endear them to Commander Feral, and the three of them often clash throughout the series. In the second (and final) season, Feral’s niece Felina (who holds a Lieutenant rank in the Enforcers) becomes another ally of the SWAT Kats.


Swat Kats

Swat Kats

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