Women’s Day 2017 Nail Art!

Woman is the greatest creation of god. He wanted somebody who can handle multiple roles at the same time. A woman – a mother,  a daughter, a sister, a wife, a working professional – is like the main pillar of the structure – without which the entire structure crumbles and withers away. She is like the Power Generator of our Engine-Life. She gives so much but gets so little in return. It is the duty of one and all to respect the freedom of a woman.

But in recent days we all should be ashamed of ourselves seeing the kind of treatment imparted to a woman in certain parts of the world. Some people cross the barrier of dignity and make a woman go through hell without even once realising the fact that they are alive in this world because of a woman. On this women’s day let us all take a pledge to love, respect, help and support women in whatever they set out to achieve in life.

We wish each and every woman out there a very HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!

Happy Women's Day 2017 Nail Art!

Happy Women’s Day 2017 Nail Art!


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