Mani Bombs!!

Hello friends!

Have you treated your hands with mani bombs? Not yet??? Then Creative Nails will strongly recommend you to try this amazing product.

What are mani bombs? 

Mani bombs are similar to bath bombs but used only for hands/feet. Filled with variety of salts, oil and butter. They come in different sizes and fragrance.


Missa Bella Mani Bombs


Mani bomb texture itself attracts! Believe or not I felt like eating them!! They look like macarons! Fragrance gives the best aroma therapy and releases all your stress. It helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells and softens your hand/feet. If bought from a good manufacturer it can very well moisturize your hand/feet. Along with these benefits few mani bombs depending upon the ingradients used, can even heal the muscle aches!! isn’t it amazing product?! Yes! that’s why asked you to try out. 🙂

Missa Bella Mani Bombs

Missa Bella Mani Bombs

How to use?

  1. Take warm water in a medium bowl
  2. Drop the mani bomb in water and watch them fizz up!
  3. Feel the fragrance, switch on favorite music
  4. Dip your hand/feet in that water and soak for 10-15mins
  5. Massage a bit to exfoliate the dead skin cells of hand/foot
  6. Use cuticle pusher to push the cuticles
  7. Remove dead skin cells using cuticle peeling fork
  8. Wash your hand/feet, pat dry
Missa Bella Mani Bombs

Missa Bella Mani Bombs

Where to buy?

There are many Indian manufacturers as well as resellers. I bought it from a Mumbai based manufacturer Divvya Malaviya. Her brand name is Missa Bella. Amazing handmade mani bombs she has. Rejoicing flavors and best ingradients used. Loved the packaging too! Rose, orange, acqua, froasted citrus, mimosa, zesty lemon and many more flavors she has. You can contact her on her Instagram account @missa_bella.

Image credit: @missa_bella

I have done a video on my haul from her. At the end of the video there is a tutorial for directions to use. Do watch it 🙂

Did this post help you? Last but not least don’t put nail polish on the same day. Give time for oil to soak into nails and hand. But if you want to apply nail polish soon after using mani bomb then don’t forget to wipe the oil from nail bed with polish remover. Otherwise nail polish may peel off.

Do use Missa Bella mani bombs and let Creative Nails know your experience. 🙂

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