Creepy Bloody Halloween Nails!

Hello friends!

Who doesn’t like Hollywood movies especially, the horror movies! While watching those movies I always get attracted with their makeup skills and wanted to give a try. Halloween is the best time for creating zombies and beasts! And here is Creative Nails’ creepy Halloween Nails!

Creepy Bloody Halloween Nails

How’s it?? Creepy? Scary?? Can I ask if you liked it!!:-P:-P 

Okay I will not ask! But don’t miss the creepy look of other nails!! Here you go!

Creepy Bloody Halloween Nails

Wait don’t close your eyes! How’s this pose!

Creepy Bloody Halloween Nails

If you want to see the making of these nails check out the tutorial on YouTube. Am sure you will love the tutorial🙂  Here is the link.



Zombie Nails For Halloween!!

Hello friends
How are Halloween preparations going on? In the previous post ( , Creative Nails had tried to give the feel of Halloween using a neon glow nail polish. But Halloween is incomplete without zombies, isn’t it?

As we all know, a zombie is a fictional un-dead creature created through the reanimation of human corpse.  I call it a living dead body!!

Here are my zombie nails! Hope you like them!!!

Zombie Nails For Halloween!

Zombie Nails For Halloween!

Rock the Halloween Party with zombies!!