Saran Wrap Technique Nail Art For Holi!

Hello friends!

Holi hai!!

Are you ready to play holi?!!!

This holi Creative Nails will teach you a new nail art technique – saran wrap nails. If you are looking for a simple and beautiful marble nails saran wrap technique is a perfect choice. This is how your holi nails will look like.


Saran Wrap Technique Nail Art For Holi

Saran Wrap Technique Nail Art For Holi

Did you like them? Want to give a try? You require:

  1. Three of your favorite nail polish
  2. A top coat
  3. A roll of plastic wrap (saran wrap).

Don’t worry if you don’t have saran wrap. You can still get your nails done by using thin plastic (polythene) bag. Just cut it to required size before painting your nails. I have made a video tutorial for the same. Here is the link. If you like the tutorial do subscribe for it!

Happy Holi!!

Enjoy the holi nail art with Creative Nails!