Promise Day 2017 Nail Art!

Hello friends!!

February 11th is time to make promises. Don’t make fake fancy promises and spoil your relationship when you can’t fulfill it. Look back and think if you have lived up to your previous promises. If yes then be ready with a new promise which can add more values to your love life.

Here is Creative Nails’ Promise Day nail art.

Promise Day 2017 Nail Art

Promise Day 2017 Nail Art!

Polishes used:

  1. El Corazon bio gel base coat
  2. Nail Trend
  3. Camline acrylic paint
  4. Rhinestones
  5. Painting brush

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails!!

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Shiny Hexagonal Glitter Placement Nail Art

Hello friends!

If you are a glitter polish fan then today’s tutorial is for you! Glitter polishes will spread out the glitters all over the nails in random fashion. But if you wish to place glitters in particular shape which matches  your dress design then you must try the loose hexagonal glitters shown in photo.

Hexagonal Glitters and Rhinestones

Hexagonal Glitters and Rhinestones

Creative Nails has made a video tutorial showing how to place glitters using toothpick! Here is the link.

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails!