Dasha Mata And Lord Ganesha Nail Art!

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Creative Nails is designing customised Press-On Nails too! Recently one of our Gujrati client asked to design an artificial nail set with Dasha Mata/Momai Maa and Lord Ganesha for the 10 day celebration of Dasha Mata Puja festival. Till then I never knew about Dasha Mata. This Vrat is usually done by Gujrati’s in India.

Dasha Mata Nail Art On Artificial Nails!

Dasha Mata is a form of feminine power. Mounted on a camel, this form of the Mother Goddess is depicted with four hands. She holds a sword and a trident in the upper right and left hand, respectively. And in the lower right and left hands, she has a lotus and armour.

How is Dasha Mata vrat observed?

Women put ten knots to a cotton thread. Then they walk around the Peepal Tree ten times while twirling the sacred cotton thread on its trunk. They also read the Katha of King Nala and his Queen, Damayanti.

By observing a fast on this day, married women pray for the wellbeing of their family. And by doing so, they seek the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses for improving the planetary positions in their natal charts. The fast, once observed, must be continued for a lifetime. Sketches of the house are made on either side of the main door with Haldi and Kumkum. Thus, women pray to the Gods and the Goddesses for guarding their home against evil and negativities.

Dasha Mata And Camel Nail Art On Artificial Nails!

On this day, a vrati may consume only one kind of grain. Most women opt for wheat, but consumption of salt is prohibited. Moreover, people do not lend money or buy new objects on this day. Thus, by following these protocols, a vrati worships for the well-being of her family.

Lord Ganesha And Swastik Nail Art!

Article source: https://www.timesnownews.com/spiritual/religion/article/dasha-mata-vrat-today-all-you-need-to-know-about-this-festival/741556

Here is the full set of Press-On Nails customised for our client. ☺️

Dasha Mata And Lord Ganesha Nail Art!

Really happy with how it turned out ☺️ Check out the short video on YouTube 😊


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