Nail Art Dedicated To My Kitties – RIP

Nail art can express any feelings beautifully and with this art of mine am saying goodbye to my little kitties.

Nail Art Dedicated To My Kitties - RIP

Nail Art Dedicated To My Kitties – RIP

Peempi – Couple of months back my mom picked her up from road. From that day 24*7 she was saying meow meow meow! In my place kids mock vehicle horn sound as peempee. Also for non stop irritating cry babies we call peempri. So we named our kitty – peempi, peempri, chinki (i named but rarely we call).

We made her sit inside a soft velvet hat and from that day its her house! When she grew up a bit she couldn’t fit inside it but stil she used to keep her face inside the hat! She cut my ear phone into pieces 😥 Even after punishing she was secretly going to my room and occupying my bed. 🙄 In kitchen daily we had to cook grams or green leaves for her! Need curd from fridge! But all of a sudden she fell ill.. even after medication couldn’t save her from leaving us.😩

Dubba – meaning fatty! He was really fat and active kitty. Most of the time he was playing outside the house with his siblings. Comes in only when he feels like coming! Attitude was like am the boss!! He was a comedian too! Full time peeping here and there. If hungry comes to us and start biting our toe. He too fell ill along with peempi but died before her as he did not come home for medication. 😞 His brother died too. But I don’t have his photo 😞.

Nail Art Dedicated To My Kitties - RIP

Nail Art Dedicated To My Kitties – RIP

We will miss you all.. Rest in peace.


Cute Cat Nail Art Water Decals!!

Hello friends!!

Today Creative Nails has got some cute cats for you in the nail basket 🙂 :-). These are water decals bought from Born Pretty Store. These must be dipped in water before using to expose their adhesive side. They are not very sticky, which means you can move them around as much as you want to get them positioned just right. On the other hand, traditional adhesive stickers are very sticky and so you need to place them carefully and you get only one shot to place them at the exact position. Most of us know how to use sticky stickers but not water decals. In case if you have never used water decals before,don’t you worry! Creative Nails will help you! Follow these simple steps.

1) Paint your nails with clear polish and let it dry.

2) Apply the base coat matching your water decal. Let it dry.

3) Cut the water decals with scissor. Don’t worry if your decal is not having clear boarder but take care to see that you will not cut the plastic protective coating.

Cute Cat Water Decals

Cute Cat Water Decals

4) Take water in a bowl and put the decals in water. Leave the decal under the surface of the water for about 15-20 seconds.

5) Remove your decal from the water and it should easily slide off of the paper backing. If the decal does not slip off, it means you didn’t submerge it long enough under the water.

6) Carefully take the decal and place it on your nail. It is not so sticky. So you can slowly slide and re-position the decal.

7) Wait a couple minutes till the droplets of water have dried up and then apply a topcoat to get the decal to really stick onto your nails.

8) You are done!!!

Cute Cat Nail Art Water Decals

Cute Cat Nail Art Water Decals

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails!