Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art!

Love butterflies? Try Dragmarbling them! I really enjoyed making these dragmarble butterflies.

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

Am sure you too like these dragmarble butterflies. Wanna know how did I draw them? Lemme help you with the tutorial. Here you go!

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

Here is macro shot of the butterflies!

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

Dragmarble Butterfly Nail Art

They are beautiful isn’t it? Now give it a try and post your dragmarble butterflies picture in comment section or tag me on Instagram (@creativenails_d).

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Disney Fairy – Tinkerbell On Nails!

Hello Friends!

My neighbour’s daughter visits my house when I do some nail art on holidays. I do teach her some easy designs. I was planning to draw some fairies on my nails when she came home today. On hearing this, she was very excited and asked me to draw her favourite Disney fairy Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell is so pretty and her voice sounds like a tinkling bell!!

Disney Fairy Tinkerbell

Disney Fairy Tinkerbell

I tried to bring her on my nails.. hopefully I didn’t fail in doing so… My neighbour liked it. What do you guys think?

Disney Fairy Tinkerbell

Enjoy nail arts with Creative nails!