DIY Teal Floral Gel Polish Nail Art!

Hello friends!

Here is a beautiful floral nail art for you.

DIY Teal Floral Gel polish Nail Art

Isn’t it gorgeous? 😉

This is completely freehand nail art. Don’t worry I have done a video tutorial too for your reference.

Products used are gel polishes from Bluesky. But you can create the same design with normal nail polishes too. Just paint the nail with base color and draw the flowers and leaves with Acrylic paint instead of gel polish.

Polishes I have used:
Bluesky Karen, DC 65, 63924, White, Black 80579, DC 84
Bluesky base coat, no wipe top coat
Nail art brush

Link to few drag marble video tutorials:
Butterfly Drag Marble Nail Art :
Peacock Feather Dragmarble Nail Art :
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Link to fluid art video tutorial:

Creative Nails is active on:


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