New Year 2017 Nail Art

Hello friends!

Creative Nails wishes you a Happy New Year!!

May all the goals that you have set for yourself in the near future attain success in the upcoming year itself!

Today’s nail art was done for a nail art challenge on Instagram hosted by AdultsColoringBookNails. Challenge was to use WHITE as base color and do the stamping with BLACK. Unfortunately my black stamping polish order did not reach me yet so I did freehand and asked Milpa of AdultsColoringBookNails if I can submit it. She liked it and included in challenge collage. Here is the collage done by Milpa.

AdultsColoringBook Nail Art Challenge

AdultsColoringBook Nail Art Challenge

Enjoyed the challenge. Thank you Milpa for hosting the challenge 🙂

Here is the Instagram ID’s of all the awesome nail artists who participated in the challenge.

  1. colormemad
  2. Kbeautynail
  3. Rums2016
  5. Honeycrunch321
  6. nailsbydiana
  7. Rikkinails
  9. Apply_nail
  10. Nailstampaddict
  11. nailartforever
  12. Dk.lovenails
  13. Nailsbyharshini
  14. creativenails_d
  15. Bsreya
  16. Nailztoart
  17. Allaboutthatnailpolish
  18. mynaildiaries
  19. Really_nailed_it
  20. Itskittynails
  21. Nailingitrush
  22. Nkstyles22
  23. Lashita_pant
  24. Silvermistartz
  25. Glamgaganails
  26. Soni17s
  27. Nailart_explorer
  28. Lovely_nails_by_kayleigh
  29. Deadlydevi_nails
  30. Sizzlingnailsbysupreet
  31. Fabpolishh

This is Creative Nails’ solo shot of black and white mani.

New Year 2017 Nail Art

New Year 2017 Nail Art

This is how it looks after coloring !

New Year 2017 Nail Art

New Year 2017 Nail Art

Enjoy the nail art with Creative Nails.


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