Navratri 2016 Nail Art!!

Hello friends!

‘Navratri’ means the ‘nine nights’. ‘Nava’ means ‘nine’, and ‘ratri’ means ‘night’. Nights provide rest and rejuvenation. At night you turn inward (you sleep) and you feel refreshed and rested in the morning. In the same way, Navratri or the Nine Nights is that time (of the year) when you turn inward towards your source. It is the time of the year to spend with yourself, nurturing and rejuvenating yourself through prayers, chants, meditation, fasting, and other spiritual practices, and coming out feeling refreshed, renewed and creative.

Navratri is traditionally celebrated at the beginning of autumn every year, when everything in nature starts undergoing transformation. These nine nights are said to be precious as there are subtle energies in the creation that are enriched at this time of the year. These energies enhance and assist the experience of going inwards, making prayer, chanting and other spiritual practices more fruitful.


Creative Nails wishes you a very Happy Navratri! Here is the nail art for the auspicious occasion.

Navratri Nail Art

Navratri Nail Art

How is it? If you like it do comment below ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is link to last year daandiya raas on nails

Navratri Nail Art!

Navratri Nail Art!

Enjoy nail art with Creative Nails. ๐Ÿ™‚


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