DIY Nail Art Ideas #1

Hello friends!

Creative nails is happy to share few simple and easy DIY nail art designs with you. 🙂 I have used Newu nail polishes bought from NewU has got very nice collection of polishes.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots – Google eyes


Polka dots are loved by all. Two polka dots together can form a google eye on your nails! Now just by adding few strokes around these dots you could get a new design!

Google eyes with eye lashes

Google eyes with eye lashes

After polka dots let us try some stripes!

Stripes Nail Art

Stripes Nail Art

Draw some simple roses on ring finger to get the new look. 🙂


Stripes and Roses

In previous post we have seen floating daisies. Daisies are the easiest flowers to draw and looks beautiful too. So thought of including it in this post too.

Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

Do you have nail art sponges? Don’t worry if you do not have. Makeup sponge can also get you this look. 🙂



I missed clicking after applying top coat. Top coat is must to enhance the beauty of your manicure. Now draw some flowers or stripes on it. I have drawn a butterfly. Did a rough sketch so that anyone can give a try. 🙂

Butterfly Nail Art

Butterfly Nail Art

Did you like them? Wanna try? Then click on the video link below and enjoy!

Which design you liked the most? Creative Nails is waiting for your comments. 🙂


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