Do It Yourself 3 (DIY) – Valentine’s Day!!

Hello friends!

In the month of February hearts nail art is a must. So today, Creative Nails is gonna help you to get your Valentine nail art done.

Valentine Nail Art

Valentine Nail Art!

Here is a step by step reference guide with photos.

Step 1: Apply the clear base coat (colorless polish) and let it dry.

Step 2: Apply one or two layers of red color polish. Let it dry.

Step 3: Draw the outline resembling heart using black color.

Step 4: Now fill the border with block color.

Step 5: Draw a cute little black heart in the middle red heart except on ring finger nail.

Step 6: Put tiny dots inside the red heart in ring finger nail.

Step 7: Apply clear top coat and you are done.

Do It Yourself 3 (DIY) – Valentine's Day

Do It Yourself 3 (DIY) – Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine week calendar visit:

Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails! 🙂


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