StyleSpeak – Nailathon 2016!!

Hello friends!

This post is about StyleSpeak–NAILATHON and Creative Nails’ entry for “NAILATHON 2016!”

StyleSpeak – the salon and spa journal is India’s first professional beauty magazine aimed towards salon and beauty professionals. StyleSpeak was launched in 2002 by C&E Media and was an immediate success, remaining in the top spot till date, by being committed to bringing the latest news and styles in the beauty world to the country.

C&E Media is the media division of Conferences & Exhibitions, publishing two of India’s respected trade magazines StyleSpeak and SpaMantra; providing custom publishing solutions and organizing events in the beauty industry such as StyleSpeak Spotlight seminars and Image Studio workshops.

Nailathon India is India’s first national nail championship drawing contestants, brands, distributors and professional viewers from every field related to nail care and design. It promises to be a milestone in the beauty industry and will be instrumental in promoting the growth of nail industry in India.

NAILATHON 2016 was held on 11th January in Mumbai. Creative Nails took part in two competition categories – Classique Flat Art and Online Submission. Though victory wasn’t ours it felt good to participate with other professionals.

  1. Classique Flat Art- Submission Category

Theme: Christmas

The challenge was to create a piece of nail art spread across 10 graduated nail tips using only flat or 2D nail art painting techniques depicting a Christmas scene. Each nail can have a separate cartoon character, or a group of characters can be painted across all the tips. Here is Creative Nails entry for the same.

Classique Flat Art

Classique Flat Art

  1. Online Submission

Theme: Flowers

This was a nail art competition to be done on natural nails of one hand. Here a piece of nail art has to be created using only flat nail painting 2D technique in the ‘Flowers’ theme. Each nail may depict a single flower or all nails could represent a floral bouquet.Here is Creative Nails entry for the same.

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Hope you all liked both the designs. Do comment about the same. 🙂



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