Preventing Air Bubbles In Nail Polish

Hello friends!

I was doing a floral mani for a competition and it came out well too. While I was clicking some photographs of my art I happened to see some air bubbles over it and was taken a back. (You may see them on image below).

Floral Mani With Air Bubbles

Floral Mani With Air Bubbles

These bubbles happened to spoil my precious time and my hard work. This upset me as I could not figure out what was wrong and how it had to be corrected. It felt like my love my polish betrayed me. With pieces of my broken heart I convinced myself to start a new design again. But guess what the bubbles happened to appear again. 😦 This time I decided not to get hurt and instead I started thinking what might have gone wrong. This can’t happen only with me so there has to be some information available about it. So I started googling to gather some information about it.

In today’s post Creative Nails will be discussing about the reason behind those bubbles and how to prevent them.

Bubbles are normally formed during drying process. And sadly, most of the time it is difficult to know about their appearance until the polish has completely dried. If you are thinking that you can escape from this problem by purchasing expensive branded polishes, believe me you are wrong!

Bubbles can occur because of oil or moisture in the polish, or even because of ambient moisture in the air. Even too old, thick or poor quality polishes can cause air bubbles. There is one more reason behind these bubble monsters. Many of us shake the polish bottle before use and this could introduce air bubbles easily. Don’t worry Creative Nails will give you the possible solutions for it.

Preventive measures:

  1. Don’t shake the polish bottle:If you have to mix the polish, roll it between your     hands instead of shaking.
  2. Apply thin coats: Polish has got solvents in it which needs to be evaporated for it to dry completely. But if you apply thick coat before the bottom coat is dry it can cause air bubbles.
  3. Avoid thick polish:Thick polishes will take longer time to rise bubbles on the surface. If the polish is thinner bubble will rise immediately and you get time to change the polish for the party!
  4. Stay away from fans: Exposing your polish to fan or open window will dry the top portion quickly leaving the bottom layer of the polish wet. Which might invite the bubble monsters.
  5. Keep the polish bottle closed: While applying polish on your nails keep the bottle closed. You can use a piece of paper for this purpose.

These are few tricks which I found useful. Hope they will help you too. Enjoy nail arts with Creative Nails! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Preventing Air Bubbles In Nail Polish

  1. What a shame those bubbles spoiled your mani. But really in pic it’s not visible so you can enter this amazing manicure in competition. Thanks for sharing the info too 🙂


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