Love story of Owls on Nails!!

Hello friends!

Today’s theme is “OWLS”!

From childhood, I thought owls are ugly scary birds. It is may be because they are active during night time and make scary sounds. But recently when I saw an owl sitting on top of our coconut free, I felt they are scary beauties! I then searched for images of owls online and found that these creatures are damn cute! There are around 200 species of owls! I never knew that these birds love pats on their bodies!

Owls are always depicted as wise Grandmas. So I thought of depicting them as young lovers! Here is the mani for it.

Love Story Of Owls On Nails

Love Story Of Owls On Nails

My young female Olive is angry on her partner Ted for forgetting her birthday. So she is sitting far on the branch. And our poor hero is trying to please her with the heart shaped balloons!

Should she forgive Ted?

Or punish him for forgetting her special day?

Guys let me know what you think and how you wanna end the story. Your suggestions will complete my story and the best reply will be my next mani!

Love Story Of Owls On Nails

Love Story Of Owls On Nails

Enjoy nail arts with Creative nails!


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