Whirly Twirly Nail Art

Hey girls wanna have some fun?? Then try some Whirly Twirly’s on your nails!! Just select your favorite colors and follow these steps:

Step 1: Take a good amount of the first color and put one or two dots (or lines) (depending on your nail size) or a thick line on your nail.

Put Lines of the required colors on your nail

Put Lines of the required colors on your nail

Step 2: Now take the second color and put a dot (or line) adjacent to the first dot (or line). Repeat same with third color too.

Step 3: Now take a clean brush and slowly spread the colors all over your nails with only some part of one color overlapping with the other and your Whirly Twirly is ready !!

Whirly Twirly Nail Art

Whirly Twirly Nail Art

Note: Spreading of the color can be done by moving the brush in clockwise and anticlockwise motion. Spreading has to be done immediately else the dots will get dried and Whirly Twirly will be spoiled. Also don’t forget to apply colors in large quantity.
Questions and suggestions awaited !!
See you soon…. 🙂

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